A Brief History of the Rainbow Flag July 28, 2016 14:27

rainbow lgbt flag

The gay flag is a revered sign of hope, strength, and courage for the gay community. Since Harvey Milk solicited its creation by Gilbert Baker it has served as the singular nonverbal expression of identity and affiliation. In that same spirit of living unapologetically, yepThreads strives to be the go-to brand of the LGBTQIA community. Built on the belief that people should not have to give long drawn out explanations about who they are, yepThreads is a movement of non-explanation. Coming out should not have to be a thing; when people ask 'Are you gay,' Yep is all that is needed. We believe that by taking explanations of who we are away, ultimate acceptance will be reached, and coming out of the closet won't have to be a thing.

Check out the rainbow flag's history below on San Franciso .