48 Years and Counting June 16, 2015 21:27

Yep, we would like to share a small portion of our story with you. My name is Lloyd Peacock and my husband's name is Bob. We met in 1968, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In those days we could have gone to jail just for being gay. Bob and I were not Christians when we met, that happened after I was almost killed in a drunken car crash in 1986. Two years later we walked into a small Church called Casa de Cristo and when we left we were new creations in Christ. Bob is  a Gospel singer, so we traveled Arizona and California ministering at churches and senior's homes in 1990-1991.

In 2000 we were approached to be litigants in a landmark case in Canada - the right of same-sex couples to marry. We won our case three years later and Bob and I were legally married in 2004. We will celebrate our 48th anniversary in July 2015.