Through tears I said - Yep June 24, 2015 18:24

My name is Amanda Rodenborg. I realized I was different in high school, but didn't come out until college, when I started dating my first girlfriend. Coming out to my parents didn't go very well, there was a lot of hurt and fear. As a result, I ended my relationship and entered several painful and confusing years of reparative therapy. I tried to "fix" myself in all the ways I was never really broken. Finally in 2011, I began to accept myself again, or perhaps to get to know myself fully for the very first time. 

On Christmas morning that year, I sat with my mom and dad in their living room. After the presents were opened and my father was busy making breakfast, my mother looked to me and asked, "Well are you? . . . Gay?" It shocked me. While my folks and I had discussions about marriage equality and LGBT political issues, they had remained for the most part unconcerned with my recent personal transformation. I looked directly at the woman who raised me, hoping she was truly ready for the answer, and knowing that nothing would change me this time.... and through tears I said, "Yep."

I couldn't have known then that eight months later I would meet the love of my life, and in December say yes to her marriage proposal, surrounded by candles and rose petals in a place sacred to us. Heather and I are married now a year. Our parents attended our wedding. Heather finished her divinity degree and is well on her way to becoming a pastor. We look forward to having a family, and to our future with hope that coming out won't always bring about hurt and fear, when we can all live fully into who we are with pride and love whom we love.