Who We Are

yep Threads was born in June 2015 as the first LGBTQIA lifestyle brand. We show our pride by providing comfortable threads for all ages that promotes acceptance of our differences.

yep Threads was founded with the idea of being able to simply answer 'yep' when asked if you're gay. This simple notion came about when original founders, Kori and Becky Ashton, were having a conversation about their coming out stories and learned that they had two totally different experiences. You can read the full story of Kori & Becky Ashton and why they created yep Threads here.

Nearly 12 months after the initial launch Kori & Becky were expecting their second child and decided that it would be best to hand over yep Threads to their friends and fellow entrepreneurs Erika Land and Corrissa Neal.  

As the new owners of yepThreads we will always strive to eliminate the need to explain who we are with an unapologetic Yep! that promotes and normalizes all LGBTQIA..... people.